About a month ago, I planted a ginger root. Just a ginger root I bought from the grocery store. I soaked it in water over night first to get rid of the chemicals they put on them to prevent sprouting as that what I wanted it to do. Then made a mix of organic potting soil and biochar in a large pot, put the ginger root in a put a thin covering of the soil over top, this should be very thing it needs some light to be able to get to it. Then you wait.

Freshly planted ginger root

And wait. And keep it evenly moist. And wait And then . ..

Sprouted ginger

The ginger will sprout! If you are going to try this at home, remember that ginger is a tropical plant. It like hot weather, humidity, filtered sunlight, and moist soil. However, it does not like direct sunlight, frost, or very wet soil. If you live in a cool weather climate like I do here in Illinois, ginger will grow just fine in a pot. It does take about 8 to 10 months for the root to be ready for harvesting. I’ve read that you know when it’s ready when it’s leaves die down. I also read that ginger is a beautiful and fragrant plant. I’m excited to watch it grow!