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I have organized these workshops to take place at he Galena Public Library! I am teaching the screenwriting one myself!

Erin Keyser Horn


This is a really cool opportunity for teens, ages 14 to 18, to take part in creative writing clinics throughout the summer. Each class will take place on a Monday from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at Galena Public Library. Here’s the schedule of classes:

June 10—Where do I Begin: Putting it to Paper with Catriona Terry

June 24—Prose to Script: Screenwriting Formatwith Larissa Distler

July 8—Poetry with Catriona Terry, from Northern Illinois University

July 22—Who Dunnit? Writing the Mystery with Tania Jonjack

August 5—Creating Fantasy Worlds with Nick Ludescher

August 12—Self-Publishingwith Erin Keyser Horn

The workshops are free! You can register at Galena Library or Elizabeth Library, but all workshops will take place in Galena. Let me know if you have questions, and hope to see you there!

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Rev up your lawnmowers! I am officially not expecting any more frost this year! My tomatoes Redbud Blossomsand peppers are going to go in the ground, the lettuce and peas are getting big, and flowers are blooming!

I am hoping to make violet jelly again, but I’ve also be informed of something new and exiting, Redbud blossoms are edible. Really! They are in the pea family! So I am going to attempt to make a jelly with them. I am promised by recipes on line that they jelly will not taste like peas. I am apprehensive, though, because the infusion sure smells like peas . . .

Life in the land of Ellipsis is suddenly quite different. I’ve found myself in a job I really, really love. I was promoted to Adult Services Librarian after just 5 months as a Page and I’m enjoying every minute of it. I’m actually in a position to run programs concerning a variety of relevant topics and to order fiction materials and documentaries.

I am still running Ellipsis from home, adding new books all the time and trying to make jellies when I can. It’s very difficult because the commercial kitchen I use doesn’t line up with my new schedule. I am making it work, however.

So much for this very short update, Doctor Who is on!

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